Hiking In Tasmania — cold & windy!

Hiking In Tasmania — cold & windy!

I have a confession, I love plants but I'm not a scientist. I'm not even a very good gardener. I approach plants as someone who is fascinated by seeds, trees, nature and words.

I have had the idea for a children's fantasy series, The Kingdom Of Plants (TKOP), for about a decade and my original idea has taken many gnarled and twisted paths to end up in its final version. 

The first book is close to publication—I'm aiming for mid-2017. While it is being edited I'm happily writing, reading, sharing and editing Book Two.

Life Outside TKOP

When I'm not writing I read, watch and listen to stories.

Apart from books I love animation, concept art, films and comics. Stories that tell us about ourselves, in all our unusual and diverse ways, are of particular interest to me. 

When I write I listen to film scores; John Williams, Hans Zimmer and Michael Giacchino are favourites.

Other Bits And Pieces

  • I've worked as a seed collector and a librarian (often at the same time).
  • I used to own a comic business (If you're wondering, I loved Bone, Y The Last Man & Strangers In Paradise) and championed the inclusion of comics and graphic novels in schools and libraries. 
  • I am an unofficial member of the International Order Of Librarians (a thinly veiled Rex Libris reference).


  • Jim Henson
  • Gerald Durrell
  • Jane Goodall
  • Tove Jansson
  • Walt Disney
  • Star Wars Universe
  • My Little Pony (Lauren Faust version)
  • Role Playing Games
  • Comics (esp. from the mid-1980's to mid-1990's) E.g. The 'Nam, D.P.7., Star Wars, Star Trek TNG, New Mutants.
  • Angie Lewin
  • Charley Harper
  • Mary Blair
  • John Williams (Composer)

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