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I am a huge fan of Hayao Miyazaki and adore each new release from Studio Ghibli. Arrietty or The Secret World of Arrietty (2010), while not my favourite of the studio's films, features a wonderful main character in Arrietty Clock, one of the tiny little Borrowers that live in the walls and under the floorboards of a family's rural home.

Based on characters from Mary Norton's The Borrowers series of children's books the film, as with all Studio Ghibli films, is gorgeous to look at and features some beautiful backgrounds or "layouts" (which I think is the technical term for animation backgrounds).

The Secret World Of Arrietty

One of my favourites is Arrietty's bedroom. Being the size of a leaf herself, Arrietty decorates her room with leaves, flowers, berries and seeds of all shapes and type - natural objects she finds in the home's lush garden which (at her size) is more like a jungle. Her bed features a patchwork quilt decorated with prints in green and ochre and folk-style murals of flowers adorn her walls. The carpet is also green and seems to be covered with fresh grass or leaf pickings.

Arrietty's room is full of a variety of bits and pieces but (through careful colour selection on the designer's part) manages to pull off a homely style that quickly conveys Arrietty's curious character with once glance.

It really makes a wonderful first impression for a protagonist and certainly a room that inspires me to do more with my own character's personal spaces.

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