Babes In Toyland | Plants In Films

Babes-In-Toyland-ForestBabes In Toyland is a 1961 Disney film, a musical based on an earlier operetta, which features a rather dark forest in its storyline. The Forest Of No Return is a creepy setting which is nonetheless pivotal for the main characters and features trees that walk and talk. Surprisingly, even though the trees are depicted as stern and threatening they ultimately lead the protagonists to their desired destination, Toyland.

I must admit to never having seen the film. I do have a copy of the storybook, as included in a 1965 treasury of Walt Disney Fantasyland stories. With my interest in plants and stories I was drawn to the illustrations and found it fascinating how the forest and its botanical inhabitants are depicted.

Words used to describe the forest include:

  • Lonely
  • Sighing
  • Awful
  • Gloomy
  • Forbidding

Look at this great illustration of the different species! Such wonderful depictions of hair  :-)


Disney's Babes in Toyland is just one of many films and books that feature plants as prominent characters or settings - and often those settings are so full of character that they become characters themselves.