What A Plant Knows - Course On Coursera


I've discovered Coursera and just in time to start a course called What A Plant Knows (and other things you didn't know about plants) offered through the Tel Aviv University.

The course is run by Daniel Chamovitz, author of the book What A Plant Knows which is a wonderful book about the amazing world of plants and how they are invaluable to our history and continued existence. It reads like The Secret Life of Plants but perhaps a little more grounded in science.

Personally I like both :-)

What A Plant Knows Book

This interdisciplinary course is new for me and, not being particularly science minded (in the pure math, chemical based sense) it is a wonderful way for me to learn and gently engage more with the scientific world of plants, with a big spoonful of wonder added in to make it more palatable.

Learning online is new for me too.

The last time I studied via distance education, laptops were the size of shoeboxes and discs were like slices of bread. Coursera is an eye opener to the modern world of study and where it will be in the future when my kids are ready to leave high school.

My student dashboard is dynamic, interactive, intuitive and clean. In short, it's very inspiring.

I love the openness of the internet and it is on sites like Coursera and Boundless (where I found a beautiful $20 interactive alternative to the recommended $200 text-book) that it really shines. In the past courses like this would be out of reach for so many and even the textbooks alone cost a small fortune (and weigh a ton!).

I will be studying my course over the next seven weeks and can't wait to meet like-minded students from all over the world who love plants as much as I do.

Exciting times :-)