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I read an interesting article this morning about research done by the University of Birmingham about certain Hotspots around the world where the wild relatives of our most essential food crops have originated. The article went on to say that many of these ecologically significant Crop Wild Relatives Hotspots are 'Hotspots' of another kind, as many are in war zones or threatened by conflict.

Hotspots and Centers

As demonstrated in the map above the study expands on the concept of Centers of Origin as devised by Nikolai Vavilov and adds many more areas around the world where the wild relatives of the world's most necessary food are found.

Crop Wild Relatives LogoIn the article Dr Nigel Maxted, from the University of Birmingham states: "There has previously been no opportunity to systematically conserve and use crop wild relatives at a global scale as there was a lack of clarity over their identities and distribution.

"By creating an inventory we can discover which countries and regions are the richest in terms of priority crop wild relatives, and we can then more efficiently plan and coordinate conservation efforts to target their survival." (, 9 Sept 2014)

The article links to a inventory and study of crops from around the world which can be found at the Crop Wild Relatives and Climate Change website.

Plants In the News

Its a wonderfully informative article about the importance of these plants to our future food security and on a personal level great to read about Vavilov in my news feed again (squee!). Its inspiring to see

If you want to know more about the Vavilov and the Centers of Origin check out the some of the BBC po

The BBC article: