TKOP Book 1 - 'Seeds Of the Past' Update

bk1chpt3art3web copySo I’m almost finished with my part for the first book in the Kingdom Of Plants series. After 3 drafts, I’m going through one more time just to clean out any furphies [Australian slang for an improbable story which is usually claimed as fact] that have found their way into the story as I’ve developed it over the last five years or so.

Just to keep myself on my toes I’ve also changed the name of the form of magic used in the Kingdom. Morph seems too generic a phrase for me now and so I’m going with Flourish which has a more flowing, artistic feel.

I’m working with Trav, my awesome illustrator, to put together an image for the cover and then will send it off to my logo designer JC who has kindly offered to put it all together.

So fingers crossed once I finish this run-through I can send the text off to an editor for any significant suggestions story-level improvements. Then I’ll polish it off and send to another editor for proofing.

I’m hoping this process will get faster with the next book – as I discover more about my writing, the world of TKOP and the publishing industry.

It’s been an informative ride so far :-)

Reading: Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson Listening: Victor Frankenstein OST by Craig Armstrong Watching: The Abominable Bride