Editing : Book 1 Part 1


I'm counting down the weeks, days and hours until I send the first book off to an editor.

This fills me with a sense of dread and excitement. I've written so much but never sent work off to a (very qualified) stranger to critique. I imagine it's like sending a child off to school  — wondering how your little bundle will fit into the big world. Will they be liked? Will they find a friend or will they end up alone in a corner somewhere crying because I didn't prepare them enough for life outside the home. 

Perhaps I'm over-reacting...

It has helped that I've spent the last couple of months reading through the story with my partner. He's highly logical and critical (but in a good way) and wants the story to be the best it can be. So I feel I'm more equipped to handle these next couple of months with a real editor. I'm going to try my best to approach the process with a sense of adventure.

It's not often you get someone who can look at your words and tell you specific ways they can be improved. So I'll try and remember how blessed I am as I hug my poor little manuscript and encourage it out of the house to play well with others.


Reading: 'The Magic Words: Writing Great Books For Children and Young Adults' by Cheryl B. Klein

Listening: 'The English Patient' by Gabriel Yared

Watching: 'The Man Who Knew Infinity'